FAQ: Which Of The Following Statements About Psychological Constructs Is True?

What is true about psychological constructs?

Psychological constructs represent concepts that cannot be observed or measured directly. Psychological constructs represent concepts that cannot be observed or measured directly. Psychology is considered a science because it uses a systematic method of asking and answering questions.

Which of the following is most accurate definition of behavior?

behavior is an action that is private but observable and measurable.

What is a psychological construct quizlet?

What a psychological construct? a concept used to talk about something we can’t see, touch or directly measure.

Which of the following is the most accurate definition of behavior quizlet?

C. Behavior is an action that can be observed and measured.

What are three psychological constructs?

Psychological kinds Four common accounts have been put forward: psychological constructs are natural, social, practical, or complex kinds.

How are psychological constructs developed?

A construct derives its name from the fact that it is a mental construction, derived from the general scientific process: observing natural phenomena, inferring the common features of those observations, and constructing a label for the observed commonality or the underlying cause of the commonality.

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What is considered not a behavior?

Examples of non-behavior include: being quiet, not eating candy and not responding. These examples are not behaviors because a dead man could do them and they are not readily observable.

Is sleeping a behavior?

Instinctive: Sleep is viewed as an instinctive expression of innate behavior elicited by “inducing” stimuli. Adaptive theories: Sleep is considered to be an adaptive behavioral responses asso- ciated with predator/predatee and foraging requirements of species.

What is cognitive processes?

Cognition includes basic mental processes such as sensation, attention, and perception. Cognition also includes complex mental operations such as memory, learning, language use, problem solving, decision making, reasoning, and intelligence.

What are three psychological constructs quizlet?

Psychological constructs such as intelligence, self-esteem, and depression are variables that are not directly observable because they represent behavioural tendencies or complex patterns of behaviour and internal processes.

Why Is Consciousness a psychological construct quizlet?

Consciousness is a psychological construct (similar to emotions). It can’t be seen, touched, or directly measured. Instead it’s known by it’s effects on our behavior. Consciousness as direct inner awareness.

Is there a single best way to measure every psychological construct?

Psychology studies subject matter like anxiety and emotion so there is not a universal measurement for psychological constructs.

Which of the following is an example of behavior modification?

Examples of behavior modification which can be used to increase behavior are: praise and approval, modeling, positive programming, shaping, token economy, self-monitoring, and shaping.

Are cognitive processes observable?

Cognitive processes are private and un-observable.

Which of the following is the most accurate and complete definition of psychology?

The correct answer is a) the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology includes the study of the mind and the behaviors of an

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