Readers ask: Which Of The Following Terms Refers To A Physical Or Psychological Craving For A Drug?

Which term refers to efforts to stop drugs from moving across this country’s borders?

Which term refers to efforts to stop drugs from moving across this country’s borders? an addiction to alcohol.

Is a strong craving for a drug because it produces pleasurable feelings?

Addiction refers to the compulsive use of a substance, loss of control, negative consequences, and denial. Substance users may develop psychological dependence and feel a strong craving for a drug because it produces anxiety and stress or helps relieve pleasurable feelings.

Which of these drugs is most commonly used in the US quizlet?

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States.

Which term refers to having at least five drinks in a row?

Which term refers to having at least five drinks in a row for men, or four drinks for women, at least once in the past two weeks? Binge drinking.

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What should be done to decrease addiction?

Here are the top five ways to prevent substance abuse:

  • Understand how substance abuse develops.
  • Avoid Temptation and Peer Pressure.
  • Seek help for mental illness.
  • Examine the risk factors.
  • Keep a well-balanced life.

What are the different types of substance?

Substances are illegal drugs, alcohol, solvents, “legal highs,” and prescription medicines. When used or overused they cause people to change the way they feel, think or act. Consuming illegal drugs is always considered misuse.

What does physiological addiction mean?

Addiction is a brain disorder involving compulsive substance use despite negative outcomes. It’s a complex condition with both psychological and physical elements that are hard (if not impossible) to separate.

What is true about substance use disorder?

Substance use disorder occurs when a person’s use of alcohol or another substance (drug) leads to health issues or problems at work, school, or home. This disorder is also called substance abuse.

What is the most commonly used drug quizlet?

Alcohol nicotine marijuana and cocaine are the most widely used and abused drugs in the United States.

What determines drug effects?

The effect that a drug has on a person is determined by many factors. The primary factors that influence drug effect are the type of drug and the quantity used.

Is caffeine a drug?

Caffeine is a drug that stimulates (increases the activity of) your brain and nervous system. Caffeine is found in many drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks.

What are three reasons to not drink?

10 Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol

  • Alcohol may lead to weight gain.
  • Alcohol interferes with memory and learning.
  • Alcohol increases the likelihood that you will use other drugs.
  • Alcohol increases your risk of developing cancer.
  • Alcohol can lead to liver disease and other severe, chronic diseases.
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What are the standard drinks?

In the United States, one “standard” drink (or one alcoholic drink equivalent) contains roughly 14 grams of pure alcohol, which is found in: 12 ounces of regular beer, which is usually about 5% alcohol. 5 ounces of wine, which is typically about 12% alcohol. 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits, which is about 40% alcohol.

What are some of the dangers of being intoxicated?

And getting drunk can lead to many other dangers. These include dizziness, loss of coordination, diarrhea, vomiting, lack of judgment, or even passing out. If a person vomits when passed out, the airway can become blocked. The result can be death.

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